Kristian Espedal

Galleri Fjalar

Galleri Fjalar is a small art gallery and shop in Bergen, Norway run by Kristian Espedal and Robin Jakobsen. The gallery is centrally located at Bryggen (UNESCO World Heritage site) and is usually open every day.

In addition to Espedal himself, artist like Alex Rose, Erlend Erichsen, Virginie Hils, Eirik Falckner, Raina Vlaskovska, and Trine Grimm have had their work exhibited at Galleri Fjalar since it opened in May 2018.

A wide selection of prints by Kristian Espedal (and many other artists) is always available at the gallery.

There is currently no web store, but you can order prints by e-mail.

Contact Galleri Fjalar:

Bryggen 37 (2nd floor), Bergen

For news and updates about exhibitions, events, opening hours and more, follow Galleri Fjalar in social media:

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